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In the historical city of Amravati, about eighty years ago, under the divine blessing of Shree Ambadevi and Ekviradevi, the foundation of Brahmin Sabha was successfully laid down. Renowned Social Worker Late Shri Babasaheb Khaparde, K.G. Sahastrabuddhe, Dattopant Natekar, Kaka Tambe and many more came forward and on 16th November 1967, Brahmin Sabha of Amravati came into existence after being registered with the Charity Commissioner. The motto of Brahmin Sabha was obliviously to unite & strengthen the Brahmin Community in the city and to achieve it’s all round development and process in the social context. The founder started all the programmes keeping this motto in view. Initially a plot of land was purchase in Samadhan Nagar, Khaparde Bagicha for constructing a permanent shelter for the activities of the Sabha under the Presidentship of late Shri Baburao Ganorkar. Latter on Sabha was best benefitted by the leadership of late Mr. Wasudeorao Khaparde and Mr. M.A. Khandwe. In 1993-94 a new spacious plot of 6500 sq. feet in Daroga Plots, Rajapeth, was purchase out of sale proceeds of the old plot. This Year Mr. Vasantrao Saoorkar took over as a president and concentrated on the construction of cultural center of Brahmin Sabha. President Mr. Saoorkar, Vice-President Dr. Sudhakarrao Pathak and Prof. Babasaheb Kulkarni, Secretary Mr. Sudhir Kulkarni, Treasurer Dr. K.G. Kulkarni and Mr. Prabhakarrao Vaidya, Chief Secretary of the world famous H.V.P.Mandal, strove hand for raising funds for the building was sanctioned by the Muncipal Corporation of Amravati. The ‘Bhoomi Poojan’ was performed in a traditional way with the auspicious hands of Mr. Prabhakarrao Vaidya. The actual work of construction began and was completed in1999. On the Golden day of 2nd November 1999, the ‘Brahmin Sabha Sanskritik Bhawan’ was formally inaugurated with the hands of Shri Bindumadhav Joshi (Pune), President of Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat. This helps the Sabha to process by leaps & bounds. After this different cultural events like Collective Thread Ceremony, registration & gathering of the marriageable youths, Makar Sankrantri & Kojagiri Pournima Ustav, Sharada & Chaitra Gauri Utsav by the ladies wing of the Sabha becomes the usual features of the yearly activities undertaken by the institution. Felicitation of meritorious students and other achievers in various fields proved an inspiration to the budding talents of the community. A lecture series and Dnyandeep Library were among the other unique project. The auditorium of the Cultural Center is hired by the people for ceremonies like marriage, Upanayan etc. and thus has become a permanent source of income for the Sabha. This in turn imparted the stability and consistency to all the projects of the Sabha and ultimately helped in achieving the aim of uniting the Brahmin Community to a great extent. In the year 2003 Brahmin Sabha purchased an adjacent vacant plot of 2000 Sq. ft. in 2005 late Smt. Jayshree Prabhakarrao Kulkarni Trust obliged the Sabha with a very generous donation of Rs. 12 Lacs Smt. Sujata Sahastrabuddhe of Pune again made a generous gesture and donated Rs. 2 Lacs in the memory of her parents, late Smt. Shantabai Waman Ketkar. The expansion of the auditorium, construction of additional hall and four separate rooms on the first floor of the cultural Center could be made possible out of those donations. Thus a big cultural centre dreamt in 1993 was materialized. The auditorium is named as ‘late Smt. Jayashree Prabhakarrao Kulkarni Sabhagruhs’ by the Sabha to express its gratitude. The present office bearers of the Sabha are now focusing on making all the activities more public oriented. The aim is to create and sharpen the self respect of the community through active participation of each and every member which in turn helps in uplifting of the community & society by & large. Some of the main features of future activities of the sabha are * The expansion of Dyandeep Library in both the informative as well as entertaining context. * Creation of the Website of Amravati Brahmin Sabha to connect all the Brahmins present in any corner of the World. The website gives complete information about the working of the Sabha. * Providing registration of the marriageable youth and making matching proposal available to them through internet. * Survey of Maharashtrian Brahmin Community in the city of Amravati. * Widening the scope of the lecture services. * Project to make the ladies self helping and self sufficient. * Programmes are often arranged for discovering and developing the various hidden talents and  skills of the members of Sabha. * Information on employment opportunities for the unemployed youth. * Pre-marriage guidance seminars for the youth and for their parents too. * Extending financial support to poor Brahmin Students. * Hostel / Accommodation for outside students. * Scholarships and awards for meritorious students. * Residential care center for the aged. * Extension & expansion of the cultural center, building and purchase of new plot for it. * A highly appreciated project ‘Handshake with English language’ practical knowledge of spoken English to the English lovers of all community is already started. A well cultured, well-nourished, well-educated, powerful Brahmin community is not a dream of only a handful people like the founders or past and present leaders of the Brahmin Sabha. It is a dream of each and every individual of community. Hence the Sabha calls upon everyone to come forward, to join hands and to share the responsibility. Donate generously in a monetary way to raise huge funds, without which the dream will never be fulfilled. The Sabha also invites constructive ideas, views and suggestions from all its members and well wishers.
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